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Sales shadow pilot, followed by a Service Cloud application.

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Bangalore Based Hospitality Company

Sales & Service Cloud Implementation

- India - Hospitality

Problem Statement

To automate organizing, tracking, and reporting of security requirements, preventive maintenance, visitor requests, equipment administration, capital expenditure, and also property renovation


  • We structured a reliable & efficient Home Maintenance Activities

  • We enabled the procedures team to track resort activity products & essential efficiency signs for running service successfully

  • Developed service on both Web & Mobile interfaces

  • Created centralized single login to numerous residential or commercial properties with multi-property schedule dashboard

  • Single Salesforce Application allowing operations group to track resort activity things & key efficiency indicators for running a business properly


The service provided a fully functioning instance, with correct situation administration as well as building monitoring.

  • Easy account management & case rise process

  • Faster consumer feedback

  • Easier ticketing and concern monitoring

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