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Additional Privacy Notification for California Residents from ProTech Series.

Effective Date: Feb 9, 2023

Last Reviewed on: August 17, 2022

This California Residents Privacy Notice supplements Rapid Forcce Technologies’ information at This applies exclusively to visitors, users, and others.


Residents of the state of California This notice has been modified to comply with the provisions of the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, so any phrases used there also apply here.


The subsequent details do not fall under personal information:

Knowledge that is readily available via official channels

Consumer data that has been anonymised or mixed with data from other databases.


Health or medical information protected by HIPAA and the California Confidentiality of Medical Information Act (CMIA), or clinical trial data protected by industry-specific privacy laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), or the California Financial Information Privacy Act (FIPA), and the Driver’s License Information Privacy Act, are not covered by the CCPA.


To gather the aforementioned forms of data, ProTech Series depends on the following sources:

In a clear manner, for example, when you contact us by email using the addresses shown on our website.

Indirectly, by using measures such as tracking your activity on our Website or installing online identifiers.


The gathered data may be used, distributed, or published for the following purposes:

About the objective you’ve stated for submitting your information. If you supply us with your name and email address, for example, in order to get more information about our services, we will use your information to contact you with the information you have requested.


Your white paper download requests will be processed as soon as feasible.


To support you and react to your concerns, including investigating and addressing any problems you may be experiencing and tracking how effectively we did.

We use the information you supply us to tailor the content, products, and services we deliver to you through a number of channels, including our website, third-party websites, email, and text message communications.

We shall use any information you supply in accordance with the purposes for which your information was obtained or as otherwise required under the CCPA.

Rapid Force Technologies will not collect any new categories of personally identifiable information without first gaining your permission, nor will we use the information we already have in ways that are incompatible with the main goal that led to its acquisition in the first place.

Disclosure of private information

You may opt out of Rapid Force Technologies revealing or selling your personal information for commercial purposes. When we share personal information with a third party for commercial reasons, we do so under the terms of a contract that requires the receiver to keep the information confidential and to use it only for the purposes specified in the contract. It is illegal for a third party to resell your personal information if you have not been given explicit notice and the chance to opt out of subsequent transactions.


The Sharing of Individual Data for Corporate Purposes:

Personal information of the following sorts has either not been disclosed by the firm for business reasons or has been revealed by the company in the previous twelve (12) months:

Many identifiers, such as device identifiers, IP addresses, cookies, beacons, pixel tags, mobile ad IDs, and other permanent or probabilistic identifiers, may be used to monitor and identify consumers or devices across time and between services.


We release your data to the following kinds of third parties for legitimate business reasons:

data providers

Transactions involving personally identifiable information:

Throughout the last twelve (12) months, the Corporation either avoided sharing personal information for business reasons or revealed the following types of personal information:


Identifiers: A static or likelihood-based identifier that can be used to recognize a consumer, family, or device associated with a consumer or family over time and across different services, such as, but not limited to, a device identification marker; an Internet Protocol address; cookies, beacons, pixel tags, mobile ad identifiers, or related technologies; or other forms of static or likelihood-based identifiers that can be used.


Your Rights and Options:

The CCPA grants California residents specific privacy protections in relation to their personal information. This section explains your CCPA rights and how to exercise them.


You have the right to ask Rapid Force Technologies for information about how we collected and used your personal information in the last 12 months. We will tell you once your verified consumer request has been received and confirmed:


The kind of personal data we obtained about you

The sources of your personal information that we acquired.

The commercial or corporate motive for why we gather or sell such personal information

Third-party categories with whom we share personal data

The precise personal information we collected about you


If we sold or disclosed your personal information for a business reason, we provide two separate lists: sales, which identify the personal information categories purchased by each category of recipient, and disclosures, which identify the personal information categories obtained by each category of recipient.


Rights to Request Removal:

You may request that Rapid Force Technologies erase any of your personally identifiable information that we have collected and kept, subject to certain conditions. We shall cooperate with any genuine consumer request and erase your information from our systems if you make one.

If maintaining the information is required for us or our service provider(s) to fulfil the following purposes:

1. To fulfill the transactional purpose for which the data was gathered, to provide the service you requested, to carry out activities reasonably expected as part of our continuing commercial relationship with you, or to carry out the terms of our contract with you.

2. Identify and prevent security breaches, defend against misleading, fraudulent, or illegal acts, and punish those who commit them.

3. Exercise your right to free speech or aid another consumer in exercising this right, as well as any other legal rights you may have.

4. Criminal Code Sections 1546 et seq.)

5. Conduct public or peer-reviewed scientific, historical, or statistical research in the public interest that complies with all other applicable ethics and privacy laws, and you have given informed consent, when deletion of the information is likely to render the research impossible or significantly impair its ability to be completed.

6. Restrictions to internal use only, all of which must be consistent with reasonable consumer expectations in light of our relationship with you.

7. Do not disregard a legal duty.

8. Use the information for any other purpose inside your firm or as authorized by law that is related to the original purpose for which it was provided.


Exercising Access, Data Portability, and Deletion Rights:

Please make a reasonable consumer request to exercise the previous section’s rights to access, data portability, and deletion.

If you have any questions, please phone 339-368-8328. An individual’s entitlement to make a consumer request, including personal information, must be authenticated. Verifiable consumer requests may likewise be filed on a minor’s behalf.


There is a limit of two requests for access or data portability per 12-month period that may be confirmed as coming from a customer.

In order for us to verify that you are the individual about whom we gathered personal information, or that you are authorized to act on their behalf, you must provide sufficient information in the verified consumer request.


Please include as much specific information as possible so that we can examine, assess, and react to your request. If we are unable to verify your identity or authorization to make the request, as well as that the requested information corresponds to you, we will be unable to reply to your request or supply you with the needed information. If you are a genuine customer with a legitimate request, you do not need to register with our service. Personal information given with a valid consumer request will only be used to verify the requestor’s identity or authorization.


Time and structure of the response

We try to respond to valid customer inquiries within 45 days. If we need a 90-day extension, we will explain why in writing.

When we answer in writing to you, you may select whether to receive it in the mail or online.


Our replies to client information requests will only cover the last twelve months. If we are unable to fulfill your request, we will explain why in our response. If you request data portability, we will offer your personal information in an easily useable format that will allow you to move the data from one organization to another without any barriers.


A fee will not be charged unless your request is excessive, repetitive, or manifestly unfounded. If we determine that your request is worth charging for, we will explain why and provide you with a cost estimate before continuing.



If you choose to use your CCPA rights, we shall not take any action against you. The following actions will not be conducted unless explicitly approved by the CCPA:


Restriction of all resources.

Services should be priced or graded in a manner that either rewards or punishes you, or any mix of the two.

Give you a new level of focus.

Indicating that you will be charged a different rate or price for goods or services, or that the quality or quantity of goods or services would be lowered.


Modifications to Our Privacy Notice:

Rapid Force Technologies reserves the right to make changes to this privacy notice at any time. If we decide to change the terms of this Privacy Notice, we will update this page with the new version’s effective date. If you continue to use our website after such modifications have been published, you will be believed to have accepted them.


Get In Touch

If you have any concerns concerning this notice, the information collection and use methods detailed here and in the Privacy Statement, your options and rights about such use, or if you want to exercise your rights under California law, please contact us at the address below.

Phone: +1 281-509-9313


Email address:

Postal address: TechShield, 3400 Cottage Way, Ste G2, 1544 Sacramento , CA 95825.

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