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Lead Generation Specialist

Experience Range: 1-2 years

Job Location: Kolhapur


RapidForce technologies are the hottest and most intense part of a fire. Needless to say that our passion for our work is as intense.

Our management has a mindset of establishing entrepreneurs within the organisation. They encourage, promote, and present a platform for our folks to hone their best qualities to come up with unique ideas.

Trust is the first principle of our business. We give our clients complete transparency on the projects and team engagements through our all-cloud collaboration platform.


  • Obtaining top-quality leads from the global market using email marketing.

  • Data mining and database development using different tools.

  • Excellent communication skills are mandatory.


  • Generate leads as per campaign specification.

  • Maintain data for all campaigns.

  • Achieve the targets on time for the whitepaper, webinars, MQL, etc.

  • Ensure to abide by the rules and policies of the organization.

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